8 Problems With iBaby Baby Monitors (Explained)

There are a range of iBaby baby monitors on the market and they provide parents the ability to keep tabs on their little ones when they are not in the same room.

iBaby monitors’ camera system and app ensure that you can watch and listen to your baby so long as you have a WiFi connection, but sometimes users may run into problems that can cause worries. Luckily these problems are easy to fix if you are aware of how to solve them.

In this article, you can check out some of the common issues and, better yet, how to resolve them.

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iBaby Baby Monitor Audio Problems

Being able to listen to your baby from another room via the iBaby app is an essential feature of a smart baby monitor.

Understandably, parents want to hear every cry or giggle, as it gives parents the peace of mind that they can leave their newborn unattended without having to worry if their baby is okay.

However, if you are not receiving any audio from your iBaby baby monitor you are likely to be concerned. 

How To Ensure Your iBaby Baby Monitor Produces Sound

  • The most obvious reason that your iBaby baby monitor is not producing any sound is due to volume levels.
  • Increasing the volume of your iBaby baby monitor is usually the solution you need.
  • Your phone’s volume is the only way to control the levels of your iBaby baby monitor. If it is set too low or muted then you will not hear any sound.
  • Always ensure that your phone’s volume is set to a level that is appropriate to the environment that you are in.

Static Sounds From iBaby Baby Monitor

The only sounds that parents hope to hear from their iBaby baby monitor are the quiet snores from their precious bundle of joy, what you don’t want to hear is the white noise of static.

If you’ve been experiencing a static sound from your iBaby baby monitor then there are some tricks you can try to avoid it happening again.

  1. Check your WiFi.
    • If your WiFi signal is weak then the ability of your device to transmit the sound can be hampered.
    • You may need to buy a WiFi booster for a part of your house to improve the overall coverage.
  2. The distance between your mobile device and your camera unit.
    • If you are too far away from the camera then static may occur.
    • Try to stay within 10 feet of your camera to ensure the best transmission of audio quality.
  3. Another electronic device is causing interference.
    • Always make sure that your camera is not placed next to another electronic device as this may produce static on your end.

The Motion Detection In My iBaby Baby Monitor Keeps Being Set-Off

The motion detection feature notifies parents when there is movement in their baby’s room.

This helps parents become aware of when their baby is waking up or if there’s movement in the room when there shouldn’t be – pets can get a little too curious at times!

However, if the motion detection system seems to be firing off notifications when there is no perceivable movement you may be a tad frustrated. 

Causes for motion detection false alarms can be due to the following:

  • Shadows
  • Movement from outside a window
  • Vibrations

To prevent these factors from affecting your motion detection on your iBaby baby monitor try these tips:

  1. Set up your iBaby baby monitor’s camera in a way that it does not face any windows.
    • If your camera is pointing in the direction of a window then movement from outside can set off the feature.
    • The movement of trees, cars, and pedestrians can all activate the motion detection.
  2. Change the sensitivity settings of your motion detection feature via your iBaby app. 
    • Reducing the sensitivity can ensure that shadows will not produce a false alarm.
  3. Do not have your camera near any sources of vibration.
    • If your iBaby baby monitor is near a source of vibration it will set off the motion detection.
    • Do not place your camera near a washing machine or near a speaker system.

Unable To Adjust Camera Angle Of iBaby Baby Monitor

The M7 and later models of iBaby baby monitor allow users to adjust the angle of their cameras via the iBaby app.

However, some users have reported that this feature will not work.

Remember, always try to perform a reset for any malfunctions or glitches, but if you’ve already tried that then the issue is likely due to user privileges.

  •  Only the owner of the iBaby account registered to that unit can adjust camera angles via their phone.
  • Invited users do not have access to this feature.
  • Ensure that you are using the same phone that you first made the installation with.
  • The account owner can grant access to invited users by doing the following:
    1. Open ‘Settings‘ from the iBaby app.
    2. Tap the ‘invite users‘ tab.
    3. Select the email address of the user who needs to be granted the privilege to adjust camera angles.
    4. Now choose to give access by selecting ‘control monitor’s movement‘.

No Temperature Reading From My iBaby Baby Monitor

Being able to know exactly how hot or cold it is in your baby’s room is a fantastic safety feature that iBaby baby monitors have built-in.

Understandably, if your iBaby baby monitor does not send you any temperature data, you’d be right to question why.

  • iBaby baby monitors will not take any temperature readings if the metal pins on the base are stuck.
  • If they are stuck you will receive a notification that reads ‘no base‘.
  • Test whether your temperature sensors can produce data by pressing down on the four pins.
  • If there are still no readings then it is likely you will need to replace the base.

The Night Vision Feature On My iBaby Baby Monitor Is Not Functioning

The night vision feature on iBaby baby monitors allows parents a clear picture of the sleeping child even when the light level is very low.

We have a dedicated guide to getting your baby monitors night vision to work.

If you’ve found that this useful feature is either not turning on, or has extremely poor quality, then try the following tips:

  1. Ensure that the room is not too bright.
    • Night vision will not activate until the ambient light drops to the required level.
  2. Have you turned the feature on in your settings?
    • Open the iBaby care app on your mobile device.
    • Tap ‘Menu‘ followed by ‘Settings‘ and then ‘Display Settings‘.
    • Select either ‘Auto‘, ‘On‘, or ‘Off‘.
    • Then remember to choose ‘Save‘.
    • Log out and log in to the app.
  3. Do not allow your camera to face a reflective object.
    • Mirrors and other reflective surfaces can create a halo-like effect when viewing the camera footage, especially with night vision mode active.
  4. Test night vision by forcing it to activate.
    • You can test the night vision to ensure that it is indeed activating.
    • Place your hand over the lens of your iBaby baby monitor’s camera and listen for a ‘click sound‘.
    • Also, take note of whether or not a red LED turns on.

How Do You Reset An iBaby Baby Monitor?

Resetting your iBaby Baby monitor is very simple. Just read through and follow the steps below:

Before beginning, make sure you have saved the photos on your phone as they will be deleted after completing this process. Also, ensure that your phone is nearby the monitor so they can connect easily.

  1. On your phone locate and open the iBaby Care app.
  2. In the top left-hand corner tap Menu.
  3. Next select Settings.
  4. Choose the option ‘Delete‘ (followed by the monitor’s name).
  5. You will then need to log out and close the app.
  6. Turn off your iBaby monitor making sure all of the cables are disconnected from power.
  7. Re-insert the cables back into the plug socket and switch your iBaby monitor back on.
  8. After 60 seconds have passed your iBaby baby monitor should make a ringing noise, or move, or make a clicking noise (depending on the model).
  9. Next, locate the reset button on the monitor and hold this down for a minimum of 60 seconds. You should hear another ringing noise, signaling the reset is complete.
  10. Lastly, all you have to do is follow the steps that appear on the screen.

Where Can You Get An iBaby Baby Monitor Repaired?

Repairing your iBaby baby monitor is very simple.

First, check if your iBaby baby monitor is still under warranty – if it is you can have it repaired free of charge.

If not, you will have to pay to have an iBaby technician service your baby monitor.

iBaby Lab Inc. sells its baby monitors with a limited warranty of 1 year (365days) from the original purchase date.

Once you have submitted a claim, iBaby Lab Inc. will either:

  • Repair the product using new or refurbished parts or
  • Replace the product with the same baby monitor or one of equivalent value.

Do note, that any cosmetic damage, damage from ‘acts of God’, or misuse will not be covered under the warranty provided.

To make a claim, simply email support@ibabylabs.com to contact customer services.

In your email explain what is the problem and a member of the support team will supply you with an RMA number and any further instructions.

To make a claim you will need:

  • The RMA number supplied by iBaby customer services.
  • Proof of purchase. This includes the date and location of where you originally purchased your product.

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Why Is My iBaby Baby Monitor Saying No Signal?

As iBaby monitors are smart technology, you may experience issues with the WiFi connection.

Below are the most common reasons and solutions as to why you may experience no signal with your iBaby baby monitor.

  • Ensure your WiFi is working properly – try looking at the status of your WiFi from another device.
    • If you see it is failing, restart your router by disconnecting it from power and waiting a few seconds before reconnecting
  • You, or someone else on your network, are performing too many other high bandwidth activities.
    • Avoid file sharing and streaming when you are trying to use your iBaby baby monitor as this can slow down the network.
  • Check the signal strength of your WiFi.
    • If it is too low, you will experience signal issues with your iBaby baby monitor, as well as other devices you are using on your network.
  • It is worth talking to your network provider to increase your signal strength.
    • iBaby recommends a minimum upload speed of 1536 Kbps and download speed of 1000 Kbps when your monitor is set to 1080p.
  • Reboot your iBaby baby monitor and your mobile device.
    • This should refresh the connection between them and solve any minor glitches.
  • Try switching between 2.4GHz and 5GHz if your router is dual-band.
    • Depending on the location of your iBaby baby monitor, one network might provide a more stable connection than the other. To make the switch just do the following:
      1. On your phone, open Settings.
      2. Tap WiFi.
      3. Choose between the 2.4GHz or 5GHz networks on your home WiFi.
  • Your iBaby camera may be too far from the modem in your house.
    • iBaby recommends you have the camera and router all on the same floor within 15 ft. of each other.
  • Certain obstacles hamper the signal strength.
    • Try to limit the number of walls and floors between the iBaby and the router and do not place it too near to any large electrical appliances or mirrors.

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Why Is My iBaby Baby Monitor Going Black?

If you are not the account owner of the iBaby baby monitor, and you are experiencing a black screen when viewing the iBaby Care app, the account owner may have put the iBaby into sleep mode.

Sleep mode is a setting only available to the account owner, not invited guests, and disables the ability for others to view a picture from the iBaby camera.

  • If you are an invited guest and this is happening, contact the account owner directly and ask them to open the app and toggle off sleep mode.

Software errors are another common reason that may cause a black screen when you open or use the iBaby Care app. This is quite a frequent problem with apps nowadays, so don’t worry.

In order to solve this, you will have to force close the app.

How To Force Close iBaby Care On Your iOS device:

  1. Double-tap on the home button at the base of your screen. All active apps will become visible.
  2. Swipe upwards on the iBaby Care app and it will disappear from sight.
  3. Once the force close is complete, try re-opening the iBaby Care app again to see if the problem is resolved.

How To Force Close iBaby Care On Your Android Device:

  1. Tap on the small gear icon to open up the Settings Menu.
  2. Open Applications.
  3. Locate the iBaby Care app and select Stop.
  4. This force closes the app. Now go back to the Home Screen and reopen.

How Long Do iBaby Baby Monitors Last?

iBaby baby monitors should easily last 1 year, if not more, with proper handling and care.

To increase the lifespan of your iBaby baby monitor:

  • Avoid any liquid exposure.
  • Avoid direct sunlight.
  • Ensure the camera is placed on a stable and sturdy surface to avoid accidents.
  • Use a microfibre cloth to clean the lens of the iBaby camera.

General Pros & Cons For iBaby Baby Monitors


  • Ability to talk to the baby via the two-way communication system.
  • Some models feature a projection feature.
  • A functional app that allows camera adjustments


  • Static sounds are produced if the distance between devices exceeds limits.
  • The camera must be unplugged to switch off.
  • Security concerns with some models.

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