Smart TVs & DStv: 15 Answers (For Beginners)

For those in the southern parts of the African continent, DStv is one of the more popular choices for streaming video content. You can think of them as the contemporaries of AT&T and HBO on that side of the world.

Since DStv is the primary source for streaming in the area, does it work on all streaming devices?

Basic Facts About DStv and Smart TVs:

DStv is a TV service designed to cater to different consumers. Subscribers choose between availing DStv services through Satellite connections or the app-based service, which subscribers can use on smart TVs.

1. Do You Need a Smart TV for DStv?

You don’t need a smart TV to watch DStv. You can access the streaming platform through other devices, such as computers and smartphones.

Also, you can use streaming boxes to access DStv. 

2. How Can you Watch DStv on a Smart TV?

You can watch DStv on your smart TV by downloading the app from the app store of your TV.

You must also connect your TV to the Internet via Wi-Fi or ethernet cable. 

3. How Do you Connect a Smart TV to DStv?

Connecting your smart TV to DStv is easy, and all you need is a stable broadband Internet connection, smartphone, tablet, or computer, aside from your smart TV. 

Make sure your smart TV is connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi or Ethernet to begin the process of connecting DStv.

Then look for the DStv app in the app store of your smart TV, then install it. 

Launch the app, and the app will show a code on your screen. Copy the code, log in to on your phone, computer, or tablet and sign in. 

4. How Do you Download the DStv App on a Smart TV?

You can download the DStv app by downloading it from the app store of your smart TV. 

5. Does DStv Still work Without a Subscription?

It would help if you had a DStv subscription to access the programs on the app and the DStv Now service. 

6. Does DStv Work with All the Major Smart TV Brands? 

DStv works with most major smart TV brands, such as Samsung, LG, Hisense, and Google-certified Sony TVs.

However, its availability is not as widespread compared to other apps, such as Hulu. That’s why you can’t get DStv on brands like Vizio. 

If you’re looking to watch DStv on a smart TV, you’ll have more comprehensive options with Android TVs that are Google-certified. 

The great news is that many smart TV brands support a variety of apps, including the Apple Music App!

7. What is the DStv Decoder Box? 

The DStv Decoder Box is an attachment to your TV that lets you access channels on DStv via satellite connection.

Different plans give you access to other media on the DStv platform. For those who want a more stable viewing experience without the possibility of Internet disconnections, the Decoder Box is a good option. 

The Decoder box features a personal video recorder with up to 2 TB of storage. You can store up to nine days’ worth of TV programs on the device. This comes in handy if you’re unavailable to watch your favorite programs at home. 

8. What is the DStv Explora UItra? 

The DStv Explora Ultra is a streaming box that allows you to use the DStv app on any incompatible TV.

Similar to the Android boxes, the Explora Ultra supports 4k streaming and Dolby Atmos for a more immersive streaming experience. 

Aside from the DStv app, the Explora Ultra supports third-party streaming apps and connects via Wi-Fi to the Internet. 

9. What Are the Other Ways of Watching DStv?

You can watch DStv through the Decoder Box that connects your TV via Satellite. 

You can access DStv through the website if you’re on your computer. Log in to your account, select a profile, and you can access all content available on your plan. 

You may also watch DStv through your smartphone or tablet with the official app. You can also use this app to cast the video to your Chromecast. 

Another option to watch DStv is through Google-certified Android boxes, Apple TV, Xbox One, Xbox One S, and Xbox One X. 

10. How Do you Subscribe to DStv? 

You can subscribe to DStv by using the Decoder box, smartphone, or TV app.

Both have monthly subscriptions, with the cost depending on your plan. 

11. How Many People Can use your DStv Subscription? 

Up to two (2) people can use a DStv account simultaneously.

This is great for families and households with multiple viewers.

12. Can you Watch DStv on a Non-Smart TV? 

If you don’t have a smart TV, you can still watch DStv by availing yourself of the Decoder box.

Another option would be to plug Chromecast on your non-smart TV’sTV’s HDMI port. 

13. How Much Speed Do you Need to Watch DStv? 

DStv needs a minimum Internet speed of 4 Mbps, but you can get better results when streaming at a minimum rate of 10 Mbps.

DStv also recommends using an uncapped Internet account to avoid excessive billings. 

14. Does DStv Stream in 4k? 

While DStv supports 4k streaming, there are minimal contents available in 4k resolution

15. Does DStv Have Live TV? 

DStv supports live TV, provided that you are within the territory of South Africa and nearby areas that DStv serves.

You can try using a VPN, but not all VPNs can guarantee to mask your location back to South Africa. 

Final Thoughts: 

DStv is a good option for anyone looking for a streaming service while staying long-term in southern African territories. 

The nice thing about it is that you get live TV content, especially if you want to watch your favorite sports matches or catch up with the news.

While it does not have a broad platform coverage, you can remedy it with the smartphone app and cast to a Chromecast. 

So, if you’re looking for a streaming service that’s native and stable in the continent, DStv is worth taking a look at. 


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