Are Arlo & Vava Baby Monitors Discontinued? (Checked)

Mention baby monitors and chances are, many will recommend checking our Arlo or Vava baby monitors.

They have good features and are worth every penny spent.

But a quick search for Arlo and Vava on Amazon may lead you to an out-of-stock page or similar items.

Leading people to wonder if they are still being produced.

Here’s If Arlo And Vava Baby Monitors

Arlo baby monitors have been discontinued in favor of the indoor security cameras made by the company. Vava baby monitors were delisted on Amazon, along with a few other brands, over allegations of fake reviews. They are still available, but you need to find a seller who still has them.

VAVA baby monitor unit out of the box

When Did They Stop Making Arlo Baby Monitors?

It has been reported Arlo has stopped making baby monitors as early as 2020.

The company has focused on making security cameras. It currently offers indoor security cameras, which can also monitor your baby, aside from checking on your loved ones.

When Did They Stop Making Vava Baby Monitors?

Vava still sells baby monitors, but they have been delisted from major e-commerce sites like Amazon over “fake reviews concerns.”

Along with other listed manufacturers, they have accused the company of posting fake reviews of its products, which many e-commerce sites do not condone.

Can You Still Buy The Models Today?

You can still check e-commerce sites for Arlo and Vava baby monitors and platforms like Craigslist for listings of these baby monitors.

Why Did They Stop The Production?

For Arlo Baby monitors, many speculate that the company has shifted its focus to its security cameras, including indoor models. Many see this move as a streamlining, which allows the company to focus its efforts on fewer, but more powerful products.

Vava baby monitors are still around, but you won’t find them on the usual sites, such as Amazon.

Do These Brands Still Have Warranty Coverage?

If you managed to purchase any of these baby monitors brand new at an authorized dealer in the last 12 months, they still have warranty coverage.

Check out our blog about 8 problems with Arlo baby monitors.

Where Can I Have These Baby Monitors Fixed?

If your baby monitor is out of warranty coverage, you can try your local electronics repair shop for assistance.

Try looking for those specializing in video cameras and computers, as the technology behind baby monitors is not that far apart.

Do They Still Have Support From The Manufacturer?

Arlo and Vava still provide after-sales support to customers, particularly setting up and troubleshooting their baby monitors.

What Are The Most Reliable Baby Monitors On The Market Now?

There are plenty of baby monitors on the market today, so it can be hard to choose which is best. In some cases, people buy another baby monitor because the previous model they owned lacked certain features.

To help you choose, here are some recommendations based on their features.

Nanit Pro Baby Monitor

The Nanit Pro Baby Monitorr is perfect for those who want the whole nine yards to keep monitoring your baby.

It alerts you of crying, but the Nanit Pro also tracks your child’s movement, sleep, and overall growth. And with the help of the Breathing Band, which you can slip on your child’s pajamas, you can use the Nanit Pro to monitor breathing.

Apart from monitoring your child’s well-being, the Nanit Pro is also capable of sensing temperature and humidity. This baby monitor also produces white noise to help put your child to sleep and two-way audio for you to communicate.

And since the Nanit Pro is a smart monitor, you can also use your smartphone to check on your child.

While the Nanit Pro is a powerful tool out of the box, the insights app it uses is only free for the first year. You need to pay around $50 – 300 a year, depending on the tier you choose.

Wyze Baby Monitor

Wyze was initially designed as an indoor security camera, but its features make it a good baby monitor at an affordable cost.

Some notable features include high-definition streamings and camera movement, which lets you tilt, pan, or zoom the camera. The Wyze also has colored night vision to let you see clearly, even with the lights out.

An app can control the Wyze and lets you share access with family members. You can set up push notifications that alert you of any sound or movement.

Alternatively, you can also adjust the sensitivity to limit the alerts you get.

If you have Alexa or Google Assistant in your home, you can link the Wyze to your current system for more consolidated management. Also, aside from cloud storage, the Wyze has a micro SD slot for you to store recordings locally.

Vtech Monitor

The Vtech Monitor is a no-frills audio-only baby monitor. In an era where baby monitors now have cameras and can be integrated with smart home systems, an audio-only baby monitor like the Vtech is still relevant for its simplicity.

It isn’t reliant on the Internet, which can be a problem in case of power failure or network errors. Since it doesn’t connect to the web, you don’t have to worry about hacking.

The Vtech features a two-way intercom system that lets you interact with your child or toddler. The audio transmitted is also clear and does not have the white noise you usually hear on other audio-only baby monitors.

This baby monitor also has a 160 feet indoor range and can be used up to a thousand feet outdoors.

Now, if the manufacturers could improve anything here, it’s got to be the battery life, as some users complained of the limited power it has when unplugged.

Babysense S2 Baby Monitor

Some of us might have two babies to look after, and a single baby camera might not cut it. The Babysense S2 makes it easier, as it lets you use two cameras simultaneously.

The Babysense S2 features a five-inch video display that lets you split it into two. Instead of shuffling through the two cameras, the Babysense S2 displays them simultaneously for better monitoring.

You also get a 360-degree panning with tilt and zoom functions on the Babysense S2. There’s also a two-way talk function, built-in lullabies, and a white noise function to relax the environment.

There’s no need to worry about batteries, as the Babysense S2 comes with 12-hour battery life.

If you think you need more cameras, the Babysense S2 allows for the addition of another pair, although the video monitor can only display one pair at a time. You can toggle between each pair of cameras attached to it.

Read our blog here about 8 problems with VAVA baby monitors.

Final Thoughts

You are likely to have difficulty finding Arlo and Vava baby monitors in the market unless you go for a pre-owned unit.

That said, you’re better off going for other models if you want a brand new baby monitor. Otherwise, it would be best if you did deep scrutiny of any second-hand models that you decide to buy. 


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