7 Things Hootsuite Measure & Monitor For You (Explained)

Hootsuite brings users a variety of tools that measure the performance of your online assets.

By measuring how your assets perform, you get a clear picture of how you can improve and tweak them so you can grow your business.

Here Is What Hootsuite Can Measure and Track for You:

Hootsuite can measure and track most of the social media statistics that are essential to your business, such as reach, audience growth, and impressions. Hootsuite can gather analytics from Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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The 7 Things Hootsuite Can Measure and Monitor

Hootsuite can track tons of essential statistics you need to understand how well your social media campaigns perform. Here are the seven things Hootsuite is capable of measuring, monitoring, and reporting on. 

1. Social Media Following

Hootsuite can track your audience’s growth rate over time.

Why does this matter?

The number of followers you have on social media increases the potential reach of your post. The larger the audience that sees your content, the better chances of developing leads for your business.

For example, if you have 1,000 followers on Facebook, with an average of 700 friends per follower, one of your posts has a potential reach of 700,000 (assuming these followers are unique and do not have friends that overlap).

More often than not, people who follow your page are potential customers who have interests related to your industry.

It’s also useful to keep track of your growth rate so you can set milestones and gauge the success of your social media marketing campaigns. 

2. Social Analytics

Hootsuite can measure analytics.

But what exactly is analytics?

Social media analytics is the gathering of social network data that can help you measure the impact of your social media activity.

Analytics is usually composed of three different metrics:

  • Reach refers to the number of people who saw your content at least once. These views are considered unique, and your reach can also be called the number of “Unique Impressions.”
  • Impression pertains to the number of times content is shown in people’s newsfeed. Unlike Reach, Impressions counts the total number of views. Your Impression is the total number of times people—even the same people—saw your content.
  • Engagement refers to the different interactions on a social media post. These include clicks, reacting, commenting, and sharing with other people.

So analytics can measure how large your social media reach is, how many users check out your social network account, how many clicks your content gets, and what people are clicking on, among other indicators.

Why do analytics matter?

Analytics help you understand exactly what social media is doing for your brand.

You can use analytics to predict the potential impact of social media campaigns.

You can also use analytics data to benchmark against competitors and set your goals.¨

If you’re looking to integrate Hootsuite to Facebook check this post.

3. Team Response

When looking at Facebook business pages, you might notice a small section that indicates how fast the page responds to inquiries.

Hootsuite can measure this as well, for all your integrated social media accounts.

Hootsuite’s Team response measurements calculate how long it takes your team to reply to concerns or messages sent to your social media accounts.

These metrics matter because it reflects the kind of service your customers can expect from your business, and it can help you improve customer communication within your business.

Response time matters, especially for businesses in retail.

4. Keywords

Hootsuite can help you track keywords that matter to your business.

If you have a Twitter account connected to Hootsuite, you can set up search streams that update you on what Twitter users post about certain hashtags or keywords.

You can also set filters in these keyword searches, including the exclusion of a particular set of words.

5. Insights

Insights is a Hootsuite feature that measures and monitors audience sentiment. 

With Hootsuite Insights, you get an amped-up version of the keyword search.

Instead of merely searching and displaying keyword mentions from Twitter, Insights takes it to another level and looks at sources outside of social media to monitor conversations that mention your brand or industry.

Insights gives you a measurement of the sentiments of your market or industry.

Hootsuite Insights can also look into the demographics of your audience.

You can break down your audience by gender, location, age, and the social media platform they use most.

By breaking down your audience, you can check where you need to shift your marketing efforts.

You can also use the Talkwalker service to track insights on Hootsuite.

6. Ad-spending

Hootsuite also lets you track your social media ad spending.

You can use these metrics to help you overview your budget and track the effectiveness of advertising spending.

The ad monitoring service also shows how much you have spent in the current month, as Hootsuite puts a cap on ad spending, depending on your subscription level.

7. Email Campaign Performance

Hootsuite does not offer direct email campaign performance metrics.

But if you use Mailchimp for your email marketing, you can load its analytics data into Hootsuite for easier reporting.

Using the Mailchimp integration for Hootsuite, you can check your email lists’ growth and see how many people open your emails.

Constant Contact has a similar integration available for Hootsuite.

Find out more about Hootsuite and Mailchimp’s integration here.

What Can’t Hootsuite Measure?

Hootsuite is not able to pull in analytics data from YouTube.

If you need to check the analytics of your YouTube videos, you must log in to the control panel of your YouTube account.

What Does Hootsuite Use to Monitor and Measure Results?

Hootsuite has three core measuring services available to its subscribers: Analytics, Impact, and Insights.

  • Analytics focuses on the performance of your content.
  • Impact measures organic and paid content metrics on your social networking profiles.
  • Insights focuses on public perception of your brand in general. It does not necessarily focus on any content you may have published.

Hootsuite Impact also features an integration with Google Analytics, which can provide a powerful experience in exploring data sets that matter to you.

What Other Measuring Tools Integrate with Hootsuite?

You’ll be pleased to know that Hootsuite has other integrations that help you gauge your brand’s performance on various platforms.

  • Talkwalker Free News Alerts is a free keyword monitoring tool that helps you check mentions of your brand on different web platforms.
  • Panoramiq Insights is an Instagram-focused analytics tool that gives users the ability to see the demographics of followers, scan for the best performing posts, and export this data to a CSV or PDF for review.
  • Ad View is a Facebook and Instagram ad monitoring tool that lets you track and engage with commenters on the ads you release to the platform. It features Analytics that let you check which of your ads are getting the most engagement.

Final Thoughts

Understanding your social media tools and using them to their highest potential is the first step toward a stellar social media marketing approach.

Gathering data about how your audience interacts with your accounts is crucial to maximizing your social media’s success.



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