Why Is Hootsuite So Slow? (Solved & Explained)

Hootsuite aims to provide users with an efficient and fast system to manage your social media content. When everything is running smoothly, the interface that works flawlessly and you’re able to easily manage your social media accounts.

However, sometimes Hootsuite does not perform at a gold-star standard—it can be sluggish and slow, with lags and long loading times.

Here’s Why Hootsuite May be Running Slowly:

There are a few factors that can affect the performance of Hootsuite. These include your own Internet connectivity, an overloaded system, Hootsuite’s software, or an issue with the link between Hootsuite and social media platforms. Clearing your cache can also help sometimes.

What Are the Factors that Can Affect the Speed of Hootsuite?

There are a number of factors that could affect the speed of Hootsuite.

  • Hootsuite’s speed can be affected by your Internet connection. Expect hiccups in the performance of Hootsuite when your network is overloaded with users, or when your net service provider is having issues.
  • The device that you may be using might be overloaded with running tasks or apps. If you are running Hootsuite from your desktop or laptop, Hootsuite may lag if your browser is overloaded with tabs or plug-ins.
  • If you run Hootsuite from a smartphone or tablet and are running several apps at the same time, you can expect it to run sluggishly.

How Long of Load Times Should I Expect with Hootsuite?

On Internet connections with speeds of 30 Mbps, Hootsuite should take less than five seconds to load. This speed is assuming your device is updated and running without issues.

Depending on your Internet speed, a refresh of all of your streams may take a few seconds longer, as Hootsuite is downloading data from all the servers of the social media platforms in your streams.

Does Hootsuite Often Experience Server Problems?

Hootsuite has a relatively stable server infrastructure that assures minimal downtime.

But sometimes, the site goes down. This is usually attributed to a problem with the link between the social media platforms and Hootsuite. These issues usually affect one particular social media platform linked to your account.

How Long Does this Typically Take?

When Hootsuite has a server issue or needs to perform routine maintenance, they try to make the downtime as short as possible. Hootsuite’s goal is to get things up and running again within 10 minutes.

It’s a different matter when the individual social media platforms have issues.

Sometimes, these issues take a few hours to resolve, depending on the gravity of the situation on the side of the social media platform.

How Do I Check if Hootsuite Is Down?

Several sites can help you check if there any issues with Hootsuite.

One of these sites is DownDetector, where you can search for a site (like Hootsuite), and DownDetector will tell you the status of the site and include any reports submitted about its service.

DownDetector also compiles a history of downtimes and when they occurred. This is a free service.

You may also send a tweet to Hootsuite Helpers (@Hootsuite_Help), the official Twitter account of Hootsuite Support to ask about downtime.

Is Hootsuite Slower than Its Competitors?

Hootsuite is not measurably slower than its competitors. Web-based apps like Hootsuite have pretty standard load times.

But the speed of your connection also plays a role in how fast Hootsuite will load.

You can expect Hootsuite and other apps to load at around the same rate if you’re using the same network.

Can I Do Anything to Speed up Hootsuite?

There are some things you can do to ensure that Hootsuite runs smoothly on your computer.

  • Try clearing the cache of your browser now and then. Sometimes, web-based services like Hootsuite can perform slowly or not work at all when the cache is full or near its peak.
  • Use a browser with light system requirements and dedicate it to Hootsuite usage.
  • Refrain from adding excessive plug-ins to your Hootsuite account, as these plug-ins load every time the browser is active and add to load times.
  • If you want a stable connection for Hootsuite, consider using a LAN connection for your computer.

For the mobile version of Hootsuite, there are two things you need to worry about: the stability of your Internet connection and the amount of information your device needs to process.

  • Make sure you close all applications and leave only the relevant ones up on your device.
  • Make sure you are using a secure and stable Wifi connection.





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