What Is The Range of Motorola Baby Monitors? (Checked)

Motorola Baby Monitors have a reputation for being some of the best available. They’re especially well-known for their long-range and clear sound quality on both ends of the conversation.

In this article, we’ll talk about how far these monitors can reach and what to look for when buying one.

Here’s the Range of Motorola Baby Monitors:

The range of Motorola baby monitors varies a bit from model to model, but you can expect a range of 900-1,000 feet. That makes it one of the long-range monitors on the market, as they’re using the DECT technology that we also know from DECT phones.

What Motorola Baby Monitor Has the Best Range?

We selected the Motorola PIP10 voice-only monitor ($29) and the VM36XL touch connect ($149) models. Both have excellent features and are simple to use, and both has a good range of 1,000 feet.

So, Motorola knows a bit about phone technology and their DECT technology from the phones seem to work really well on the baby monitors as well. Also, the range of these models is better than the range in baby monitors from Eufy.

The DECT technology work like this.

You just turn them on and the range on the system is up to 1,000 feet instantly. You’re not dependent on a Wi-Fi signal in the area, and you will also be able to couple several devices up at the same time without fearing intererance.

The other good part about the DECT signal is that it is encrypted. Not as good as Bluetooth signals, but still good enough for a baby monitor, for sure.

DECT is short for “Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications” which basically means that we’re dealing with sound over radio waves. Philips baby monitors also use the DECT technology for good range, and they were actually the first to introduce it to the market back in 2003.

The range of these models is also quite similar to the range of VTech baby monitors.

What Exactly Is Range?

Range refers to how far away a signal can travel before it becomes too weak or distorted to be useful.

Some products have better range than others; this means they can transmit signals over greater distances without any loss of quality or clarity.

How Long Do Baby Monitors Generally Reach?

The average range of a baby monitor is around 500 feet.

However, the range of a particular model varies depending on its features and the technology it uses.

The range of a Motorola video monitor is good as it relies on the DECT technology that is good and stable.

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How Stable Is the Signal Over Longer Distances?

Motorola baby monitors have a pretty good signal range, but you may not be able to get a clear signal over longer distances. The manufacturer rates the range of its Video Baby Monitor as 1,000 feet, which is fairly typical for a DECT baby alarm.

The DECT technology will typically allow for 1,000 feet of range but also sometimes longer, depending on the number of walls (and their material) between you and the baby unit.

We’re going to share a few tips on how to get the best possible signal on your Motorola baby monitor:

First, make sure that you have the new Motorola connect app installed on your phone and tablet. You can download it for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Second, make sure that you have full battery on both units:

  • the parent unit
  • and the baby unit.

Third, make sure that the camera is placed in a central location so that it can receive signals from all directions. This will help ensure that everyone in the room gets a clear picture at all times (or as clear as possible).

Can you extend the range of your Motorola baby monitor?

You can extend the range of your baby monitor, but it depends on how the antenna is accessed inside the baby unit.

Why Does My Motorola Baby Monitor Say “Out of Range”?

If you are using a Motorola monitor and you get the message “out of range”, this can happen for a number of reasons:

  • The first thing that you need to do is check that the battery in your transmitter is fully charged.
  • If it isn’t, then this could be causing your monitor to malfunction.
  • You can easily check this by removing the back cover and looking at the battery status light on the transmitter.
  • If the battery is fully charged, then try moving closer to your baby or move around until you find a better signal. If there is still no improvement after this, then there may be something wrong with your monitor and it will need to be replaced by a technician from Motorola.

If there are still problems after all of this, then call them directly and they should be able to help you out with any issues that you might have with your baby monitor!


The Motorola Baby Monitors are better than the average baby monitor when it comes to range.

You get a good range and you should be good to go inside any house or apartment.

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