Do Smart TVs Turn Themselves On & Off? (Solved)

The great thing about smart TVs today is that you have full control of their behavior.

You can integrate it with your other devices to operate by schedule, and when you know you are finished watching, set it to shut down in one command, along with your other devices in the room.

Do Smart TVs Turn Themselves On And Off?

Smart TVs can turn themselves on and off if you set a timer for them, or if they are having technical difficulties. There are also built-in timers that will turn off the Smart TV if you leave it alone for too long or forget about it. This is considered a “standby” mode.

To turn it completely off, you would have to unplug it.

Here are some things you need to know about smart TVs and their capability to turn on and off.

Can Smart TVs Turn Themselves ON?

Smart TVs can turn on by itself, through the built-in timers in it.

You can set this timer yourself if you have a certain time of day or morning that you want the TV to turn on.

Can Smart TVs Turn Themselves OFF?

Smart TVs also can turn itself off through the built-in timer.

This feature comes built-in with all modern smart TVs, and even dates back to the era before LCD or plasma TVs.

Many choose to do this in case they fall asleep or to make themselves stop watching at a certain time of day.

Here’s a guide if your TV turns on and then off immediately.

Why Does my TV Turn on by Itself in the Middle of the Night?

Several factors trigger your smart TV to switch on alone.

First, you might have activated the automatic power timer to turn on at a particular time, and you might not have noticed it.

You may want to check your remote control as well, which could be sending a signal on accident to turn it on.

The power button might be stuck, or the batteries may be running low. If you can’t find the power button check our article about where the power button is on each TV.

Sometimes, the remote control sends random signals to the TV when batteries are weak, also, which can turn the TV on or off.

If your TV is connected to a smart home system, you may also want to check your settings there.

Also, check other connections to your TV. Devices like the router, USB wireless adapters might affect the power switch of your smart TV.

How Do I Stop my TV from Turning On and Off by Itself?

Here are some things you can do to check why your TV goes on and off randomly:

Check Remote Control (Power Button & Batteries):

If it is stuck, disassemble and reset the power button.

Don’t forget to clean it by spraying contact cleaner as well in case it is sticking.

Make sure it still has good batteries in it and replace them if they are old or weak.

Check Your TV’s Internal Timer:

Samsung, LG, and Sony are known for their automatic “on and off” settings.

If you own a Vizio smart TV, you will find that they only have timers to turn the TV off, not “on”.

You can find the timer of your smart TVs under “Clock” or “Timers” in the “Preferences” of the Settings on your smart TV.

Check the Devices and Cables Connected to your Smart TV:

If your cables or devices, such as an Alexa or Google Home, are on the fritz, you will want to fix this issue immediately.

You will have to unplug them one by one until your smart TV stops turning on unusually, and then try to diagnose the problem.

Check your CEC and HDMI Settings:

The settings may have changed and can cause your smart TV to switch on by itself.

You can also see if the manufacturer of your smart TV released firmware updates.

Manufacturers of smart TVs periodically release updates to ensure your TV performs in top condition or resolve any issues that may arise.

If there is no firmware update, nor your TV still turns on by itself, you may have to do a factory reset of your smart TV.

Make sure you have all the necessary credentials ready for logging in.

Lastly, if all else fails, contact the after-sales support of the manufacturer of your smart TV.

My Smart TV Turns On and Then Off Again:

As stated earlier in the article, weak batteries can sometimes trigger random commands from your remote control.

Another thing you need to look at is the placement of your smart TV.

Does it have enough ventilation?

Sometimes, when smart TVs overheat due to the lack of ventilation, they shut down.

Should this happen, let your TV rest for about 30 minutes before resuming usage.

You may also want to check if any unusual electrical activities may affect the performance of your smart TV.

Invest in a good surge protector to shield your smart TV from damage caused by unnecessary shutdowns.

Check this article, if your TV won’t turn on though the red light is on.

How Do I Turn off my Smart TV Completely?

To turn off your smart TV completely, you will need to unplug it.

Usually, when you turn off your smart TV, it is put on standby, which is signified by the small red light at the bottom of your TV.

That means you can still turn it on through the remote and can be switched on randomly.

You need to make sure the red light on the TV is off for it not to turn on at all.

To do this, you can plug your smart TV into a timer plug, which you set to automatically turn off or on at certain times.

When activated, it will cut off all power from the TV, which will end random turning on of your smart TV.

Or, you can also integrate your smart TV with your smart home system.

To do this, you need a corresponding smart plug that you will program over Wi-Fi and your smartphone.

You can program your smart TV to turn on last and turn off first, followed by its power source.

What Smart Home System Can I Use to Turn off my TV Completely?

If you are using Samsung TV, you can use the Samsung SmartThings Hub to automate the switching of your smart TV.

For LG, Sony, and Vizio, you can use the Amazon Echo Plus, as long as your smart TV model is certified as compatible with Alexa.

These are usually specified in the manual of your smart TV.

Also, your smart plug for your TV should be compatible with Alexa or the SmartThings Hub.


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